Investment Thesis

• Category defining businesses, delineating a clear defensible moat
• Focus on business models with a strong technology base – MVP stage, proprietary protected, patentability, innovativeness, market acceptance
• A well built founding team and an optimal ownership/shareholding structure

At SNV, we partner with entrepreneurs to increase their probability of success through an active hands-on approach that leverages our operational and financial expertise and provides market access through our global network.

The approach will be a mentor-driven model, wherein segment specific experts across the globe would ensure that a startup is taken on a growth trajectory. Besides, SNV has a clear edge over others because of the investment track record & our strong pedigree which holds us in good stead to not only source better but also add maximum value to the startups throughout the journey.

The strong partnerships with various channels in the ecosystem across the globe will ensure that we get the relevant deal flow. An understanding of the VC space will ensure the relevant metrics are being tracked & the correct guidance is provided for the next fundraiser. We understand the dynamics, each of the stakeholders plays in the startup ecosystem including corporates & the Government. We will ensure that we maintain a tight relationship with all these players.

Therefore, we seek like-minded Limited Partners/investors who want to join hands in not only growing their wealth but also growing a startup-thus shaping the world.