Thingsup is IoT Platform and Devices Suite developed by iobot. iobot Technologies is India’s leading IoT Solutions Company based out of Pune.

What's the story behind ThingsUp?

Prior to starting Thingsup, both of the founders Me ( Akshay ) and Pranav worked in the IoT product development business for a couple of years.

Akshay Ghadage, Co-Founder: In their First Venture, we worked with many Fortune 500 companies and built their IoT applications for different business use cases. While Working with many of the companies we identified a Gap in the market that every IoT app development takes huge time and effort. There aren’t any tools or platforms that can simplify this. With this problem statement of simplifying IoT development, Thingsup was started. Now Thingsup is a Low code IoT platform that offers many Built-in applications on EV mobility, Supply chain management, EV diagnostics, and Remote Monitoring.

What were some of the factors you kept in mind while building ThingsUp?

Our mission is to simplify IoT application development and We want Thingsup to be known as WordPress for IoT.

Akshay Ghadage, Co-Founder: What WordPress did to the website development process we wanted to do the same to IoT. So we designed Thingsup to keep Customers At the centre of the Platform, which helped us a lot once the platform was launched. We were clear from day one that for the platform to be widely accepted it needs to be simple to use, less to code and a lot of built-in use cases that customers can start using from day one. So we started building a lot of applications on our platform that customers can start using from day 1 and that has played a major role in our GTM.

How did you go about choosing the sectors for the initial use case?

Akshay Ghadage, Co-Founder: We believe every Technology transformation wave starts with Industry first then the consumer because that’s where the maximum value can be realized. So we focused on the EV mobility business where the maximum value of connectivity can be realized. We are working with many EV OEM’s helping them to monitor the performance of their vehicles and helping them make their EVs Smart, connected, Safe and more efficient.

How important is big data in today's day and age for any business?

Akshay Ghadage, Co-Founder: Thingsup uses Big data in solving complex problems of our EV customers like Range anxiety, battery failure prediction, predictive maintenance and many more. Apart from EVs, the Cold chain customers like the Dairy and Milk product industry are leveraging big data to save millions on the annual operational wastages.

Any personal learnings from the journey so far?

Entrepreneurship is like a school where you learn new things every day.
Akshay Ghadage, Co-Founder: Every day comes up with new challenges and so are the new opportunities. The major personal learning would be focused on value creation, rest of the things start falling in place.