The Mainstreet Marketplace is a platform for reselling sneakers, footwear and other fashion goods from brands across the world.

What inspired you to start a premium streetwear outlet, and what do you believe sets your brand apart from others in the market?

Answer: The hype sneaker market in India has been grown exponentially over the past 5 years. However, the market had no idea on where to buy the sneakers they love. We identified this gap early on and  built The Mainstreet Marketplace.

How did you market your product to the initial customers?

Answer: Mainstreet started as a Youtube channel building content around sneaker culture. We started experiencing lot of traction organically and built Mainstreet Marketplace. We luckily did not have to do a lot of marketing as the product sold itself.

How do you plan to scale your startup and reach a larger customer base?

Answer: All our growth has been completely organic with sneaker culture growing in India. The business has scaled through word of mouth and increasing engagement with our content acting as the top of our customer acquisition funnel.

Throughout your startup journey, what insights have you gained or discovered?

Answer: I think biggest learning for us has been understanding customer behavior and catering to customer needs. This has been integral for us on brand building, optimising supply chain and service. It is extremely important to evolve and innovate processes to meet customer demands.

What significant challenges have you faced when working on this startup?

Answer: Being a bootstrapped start up until now, managing working capital whilst scaling has been a major challenge for us. We have also faced challenges on our supply chain whilst scaling.