Meet Knorish

A platform that enables hobbyists, professionals and niche experts to build, launch, market and sell online courses powered by their own knowledge and as an extension of their own brand.

What motivated you to start Knorish and how did the idea come to be?

Being a Philomath, I have always placed learning and reading at the forefront of my life. I understand that, to bring about change in the destiny of a country, 'setting knowledge free' is the key. With this in mind, Knorish is striving to empower teachers, coaches and experts to become passion entrepreneurs and to empower millions of learners to lead better lives by providing them access to knowledge online.

Mr Kinner Sacchdev: Me and my co-founder Rakhi led product launches and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies to global technology companies and International education brands from Europe, US, UK and middle east through our consulting startup Scientity, started from the campus of Newcastle University, UK. While consulting for these projects, we understood that out of over 80 Million Creators and Knowledge professionals in India, only a minuscule percentage has gone online to monetize their expertise. They don’t have access to technology to build their online content businesses easily.

Also, we are living in a world, where our children would be in jobs or businesses that haven’t even been invented yet. The only way to prepare them for the future is to set knowledge free by enabling the experts (professionals, celebrities, authors and others) and teachers to build their own businesses online, so that they can be financially free while becoming passion entrepreneurs and also sharing their content / knowledge with learners around the world. Knorish is built for enabling content creation and to create-manage the entire sales funnels for converting visitors to paying customers. 

What significant challenges did you have to face while building Knorish?

Creators (online experts, influencers, coaches and content creators) are a force to reckon with. Currently they generate minsicule revenues from social platform, they need a single dashboard to run their entire business from as all other tools need them to learn Zapier, Zoom, Gateways etc. It isn't easy for them to learn building sales funnels, web - app builders, Zoom, mailchimp etc. to build and grow monetization for their content.

Mr Kinner Sacchdev: The main challenges in bridging these gaps have been: 

  1. Constantly training the creators to learn more about marketing – building funnels to earn more. 
  2. Creator Economy – Knowledge Professionals have been a recently identified phenomena, therefore it hasn’t been easy to convince investors on the market size
  3. When a market is evolving, it isn’t easy to reach out to and acquire new customers at a low cost, we had to innovate a lot to build our marketing channels using content funnels

What are some of the trends you’re excited about in the coming years in your sector?

Mr Kinner Sacchdev: More than 20% of young graduates don’t want to follow the traditional career paths but want to become creators. And according to a recent survey in the United States, a staggering 71% of people are actively considering pursuing additional income streams due to the current economic uncertainty. As a result, creator educators are looking to build more financial security by diversifying their income streams. This has put the team at Knorish in a unique position to help people monetize their knowledge and content in a sustainable way. We are committed to helping educators, creators and entrepreneurs generate additional streams of revenue to ensure their financial stability.

Throughout your startup journey, what insights have you gained or discovered?

My journey as a product entrepreneur has been tremendous and full of so many great lessons.

Mr Kinner Sacchdev: However, a few have a more prominent importance for me: 

• Marketing, Distribution, and Branding: Put in 80% of your time for hitting big numbers. 

• Hiring: Give the same level of importance as you do for clients and investors. 

• Systems Thinking: Find ways to automate processes and build systems. 

• Customer Satisfaction: Talk to customers to evolve and improve constantly.


Given the prevalence of regional languages in Tier 3 towns and villages, Creators from these areas have a unique opportunity to make an impact on their local population. They can create content in the language of their people, enabling them to make a meaningful connection with the audience.

Mr Kinner Sacchdev: This could include movies, educational material, and campaigns that address pressing issues that are relevant to the people living in Tier 3 towns and villages. By creating content that is tailored to the local population, Creators from these areas can truly make a difference in their communities. Furthermore, by leveraging technology and the internet, these Creators can also reach a much wider audience, amplifying their impact. With strong access to information and content, Tier 3 towns and villages can become hubs of innovation and creativity, helping to shape the future of the nation.